the nautilus

london / uk

The Nautilus capture and distill the spirit of enterprises. Focussing on brand strategy, naming, architecture, visual and verbal identity systems.
The Nautilus
'I've never seen Andy. He never puts his video on, ever. Just a northern voice on the line, which is comforting for a fellow northerner. Has anyone else seen him?

I tracked him down years ago after being fed up of poor web designers, promising the world but unable to realise carefully crafted designs. Nothing was a problem for Designers' Friend, everything delivered with precision, common sense advice, and sites loading at breakneck speed. Basically they're on another level.'
ian / partner

ian is very handsome

fitting that he ran a company called handsome brands

he now runs a company with paddy called the nautilus

paddy is even better looking

by 20000 leagues

we are keeping the cameras off
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