london / uk

Saboteur is an independent brand studio on a mission to set brands free. Twelve languages, a B Corp, and a giant tomato.
Sabo 0115
'You imagine it, they can build it. *Exactly* like you imagined it. They're our friend because we don't know anyone else who can do it like them.'
nick / the playful saboteur
'Andy is an aloof but lethal coder. Hidden behind a video-off zoom call, he works his magic. Think Hal9000 but who doesn't want you dead.'
hannah / the curious saboteur

always pushing boundaries... both the work they produce and the way they work as a team

it has been an absolute pleasure to have worked with the saboteurs since their inception and watch their fully deserved rapid growth

@hannah we may or may not have made the occasional project manager disappear 🤷
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